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2009 Jun 15 – Sewer backup

June 15, 2009

0720hrs: Scott (Post Office) called to report sewer backup below post office.

0830hrs: after contacting city services we (Steve, Mark and I) determined problem was most likely in the line between the building and the main.

1020hrs: called B&B Drain (507-334-0603). Left message. Called B&B Drain (507-645-9630), talked with Renee, they will have someone out there early afternoon.  I told her that they are my go-to contractor for the Kenyon Post Office and that they should expect repeat business.

1500hrs: B&B called and said they would NOT be coming out.  I called Pumper and got a recommendation for Laroch. They cannot make it today. Called Kittleson and they will be there at about 1700hrs.

1900 hrs: Kittleson completed cleanup.