28 Dec 2009 – PO Floor damaged

Heavy post office carts are damaging the floor in the post office. We are preparing a letter to the Post Office administrative offices to ask that they help repair the floor. Details below.

The combination of water damage and heavy use has damaged more of the floor.

The pictures (below) tell the story.  Current plan is to put down 4 4’x8′ 14 guage diamond studded steel plates.

Images … numbers refer to locations identified in the floor plan:

1. tile.dmg1 – Just need to replace these tiles (about 40 such replacements to be handled by “G”

2. tile.dmg2 – another simple tile replacement.

3. floor.dmg3 – heavy damage through the underlayment

4. floor.dmg4 – up against second door, through the underlayment

5. door.sill – back door needs reinforced sill – any thoughts? Water comes in here and damage is compounding …


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