Carpeting and prepping 527B (3 Feb 2010)

Carpet is paid for and on the way! I’m hoping for a Saturday install but more likely is Monday. Jerry was able to make me an offer on the hallway top level so I took both the apartment and the hallway.

Here’s the plan.

  • G can pull out the old carpet the day before Behr will show up with new carpet. See below. We’ll pay him for the 5 hours Behr estimates it will take, $50 cash and $50 credit on back rent.
  • G can get another $10 cash and $10 credit for getting the hall ready for carpeting (just the top floor, I can’t do the steps yet)
  • We got the carpet you picked out, brown simple.
  • I’m planning on bringing the dorm fridge and a table to hold it until I can get a real refrigerator (hopefully  new tenant will live with just a dormer for a month or so).

So, to prepare the apartment, G will need:

  • Utility knife
  • Ice scraper
  • 1 gallon bleach and a bucket and mop
  • 5 hours apartment tine
  • 1 hour hallway time
  • shop vac


  • carefully cut and remove carpet in 5′ wide strips. Throw rolls in dumpster (not PO dumpster)
  • TRY TO NOT DAMAGE THE TACK STRIPS, they are re-usable if left in place
  • Use ice scraper to remove patches of padding and staples from the underfloor
  • Sweep and shop vac the floor well
  • mop floor with 1 part bleach and 9 parts water. Don’t soak the wood, just wet it.


  • Shop vac. I will bring by the shop vac on Saturday) for G to use.  If he and Cory want to use it in their apartment too that’s fine. Might as well get the big stuff up. If install can be done Friday then I’ll come Thursday night with vac.
  • Utility knife … get a GOOD one from Ace, with package of blades.
  • Mop and bucket. I thought we had one already.  Let me know.
  • Ice scraper (on a long handle).  I’ll grab one and bring it. If G needs it before I get there then Ace.

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