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Gas leak on line into building (10 Sep 2010)

September 13, 2010

On Friday the PO called Kenyon Utilities (Paul) to shut of the line into the building that serves the boiler and one water heater (both serve the East apartments).  I email KPumper Saturday AM requesting assistance.

07:50 13 Sep 2010 – Brad (from K.Pumper) on site, but could not reach me, my cell phone was dead. He mentioned that the meter was locked out of connecting to the building.

10:00 13 Sep 2010 – talked with Paul re problem, he said the line appeared to be leaking at the entry to building, so they locked off the meter.  He will be in area around 11;00hrs. He recommended a flex line be put in. I called Brad and left 2 messages with phone numbers and description.

10:15 13 Sep 2010 – Brad called me and I gave him Paul’s number, the combination to the basement lock and told him of the flex-line recommendation.