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2011 May 31 – USPS Reports A/C not working

May 31, 2011

11:30 – USPS (Sharon) called to report that they had a report that the A/C was not working. I told her that if the problem was minor I could cover repairs, otherwise I would have to consider bankruptcy. I did ask about converting to a net-net lease and she said “that was not likely”.

11:49 – after talking with Manager Sheri and after trying to reach Pumper Plumbing and Heating (no answer, will try again) I reported back to Sharon that I had a contractor and gave her the number.

13:00 – talked with Mike H. He reminded me that we had shut off a breaker to the PO A/C.  He is running over there now to scope it out.

13:15 – Mike H turned on the A/C.