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2011 May 31 – USPS Reports A/C not working

May 31, 2011

11:30 – USPS (Sharon) called to report that they had a report that the A/C was not working. I told her that if the problem was minor I could cover repairs, otherwise I would have to consider bankruptcy. I did ask about converting to a net-net lease and she said “that was not likely”.

11:49 – after talking with Manager Sheri and after trying to reach Pumper Plumbing and Heating (no answer, will try again) I reported back to Sharon that I had a contractor and gave her the number.

13:00 – talked with Mike H. He reminded me that we had shut off a breaker to the PO A/C.  He is running over there now to scope it out.

13:15 – Mike H turned on the A/C.


Gas leak on line into building (10 Sep 2010)

September 13, 2010

On Friday the PO called Kenyon Utilities (Paul) to shut of the line into the building that serves the boiler and one water heater (both serve the East apartments).  I email KPumper Saturday AM requesting assistance.

07:50 13 Sep 2010 – Brad (from K.Pumper) on site, but could not reach me, my cell phone was dead. He mentioned that the meter was locked out of connecting to the building.

10:00 13 Sep 2010 – talked with Paul re problem, he said the line appeared to be leaking at the entry to building, so they locked off the meter.  He will be in area around 11;00hrs. He recommended a flex line be put in. I called Brad and left 2 messages with phone numbers and description.

10:15 13 Sep 2010 – Brad called me and I gave him Paul’s number, the combination to the basement lock and told him of the flex-line recommendation.

Carpeting and prepping 527B (3 Feb 2010)

February 4, 2010

Carpet is paid for and on the way! I’m hoping for a Saturday install but more likely is Monday. Jerry was able to make me an offer on the hallway top level so I took both the apartment and the hallway. (more…)

2009 Dec 09 – Furnace pilot light in 527A (NW) won’t stay lit

December 9, 2009

0945 – notified by Sheri that the tenant is having trouble keeping one of the furnaces lit in the Northwest apartment above the Kenyon Post Office. We think it is because the installation is so poorly done that the exterior wind is able to get around the unit and keep the pilot from staying lit. Contacted KP Plumbing and Heating to see if they can look at it.

2009 May 19 – Broken Windows 527B

May 19, 2009

0930hrs – Post office (Scott) called to report that one window in 529B was broken and a hazard and another was breaking. I warned him to not use the door that was under the broken window. I called Ace Hardware and they recommended Brad Hill (Hill Handyman, 507-789-5312), whom I called and left message with. I called PO (Scott) and told him that I had left a message with Brad Hill.

There are three windows on the south side of apartment 527B. The west most is at risk and the center one is broken.  This is due (no doubt) to strong winds that come in through an open window (it is spring) and build up pressure inside the apartment, blowing out the windows.

2009 Mar 10 – 527B Tenants late fees

March 10, 2009

We have been deferring late fees for Tenants 527B, however they are taking advantage of this leniency so we will start holding them to the contract.

Tenants were told they could get $25 off the rent for use of part of the garage if they would let the apartment manager use their phone. This agreement is also being violated, so we will stop giving the allowance for the phone use.

They have also ruined the floor in the bathroom, and are complaining that the apartment does not have a second bedroom. We told them it when they rented it was a 1 bedroom with a den/family room.

A visit/inspection is in order and will be conducted on the evening of 16 march 2009 (after 24 hours notice).

2008 Oct 30 – USPS Water heater leaking

October 30, 2008

The water heater for the USPS is leaking and may need to be replaced.  Pumper Plumbing was contacted and they should be looking at it on 4 Nov 2008.

2008 Oct 22 – Leaking water heater – Apts

October 30, 2008

The gas water heater for apartments (A in Utility diagram) is leaking and will be replaced Tuesday, 4 Nov 2008 by Keith Pumper. They will put in a 50 gallon gas heater.